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ClimaGuard 55/27

More natural light, smaller energy bills

Natural sunshine adds beauty to a home. But it also adds heat. Closing blinds or drapes can help, but that runs counter to the reasons for windows in the first place. And with today’s rising energy costs, cranking up the air conditioning isn’t the most economical or eco-friendly thing to do.

That’s why Guardian created ClimaGuard® 55/27 low-E residential window glass. Our advanced glass allows natural light to brighten a home while keeping much of the sun's heat outside. In fact, unlike typical low-E products, ClimaGuard 55/27 is specifically designed for homes in hot climates, and for homes with expansive windows that capture lots of sun, heat and glare.

Views and rooms stay beautiful. Residents stay comfortable. Cooling bills stay low.

Keeping your home more comfortable

By preventing 73% of the sun’s heat from entering a home, ClimaGuard 55/27 improves comfort and livability - even with the shades open and bright sunshine pouring in - by blocking the sun’s heat 65% better than standard double-pane glass.

ClimaGuard 55/27 residential window glass is perfectly suited for:

     ●  Sun-drenched rooms
     ●  Homes in the West, Southwest and Gulf Coast
     ●  Homes in areas with mountain sun and snow
     ●  Homes with expansive windows
     ●  Waterfront and golf-course homes

Save up to 34% on annual energy costs

When sunlight heats up a home, cooling systems have to stay on longer and work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. But with ClimaGuard 55/27 residential glass in windows, the interior of a home stays cooler, even on the hottest, sunniest days. The result? Smaller electric bills.

An energy analysis by an independent energy and resource efficiency consultant shows that in cooling-dominated climates, ClimaGuard 55/27 residential window glass can lower annual energy costs 20–34% compared to standard double-pane glass.

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Energy Star® Windows is a partnership/program between the U.S. Department of Energy and manufacturers of windows, doors and skylights designed to help consumers identify energy efficient products.

The Efficient Windows Collaborative
(EWC) is a coalition of window, door, skylight, component manufacturers, research organizations, federal, state and local agencies, and others interested in expanding the market for high-efficiency fenestration products.

The National Fenestration Rating Council
(NFRC) administers a voluntary window rating/labeling program to produce window ratings that can be directly compared due to identical evaluation procedures.

IGMA is the trade association representing the interests of the Insulating Glass industry worldwide. The focus is on developing and advancing new technologies in the manufacture of insulating glass units through development of codes and standards, topic industry publications, education, product certification and leading edge research.

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